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Thursday October 28th to Thursday November 11th 2010

richard Bagguley exhibitions1


The reverend Dr.Brian Leathard invited me to exhibit in the church after seeing my work at the Chelsea Arts Club.

Bagguley exhibitions chelsea london
We decided to suspend the paintings down either side of the main isle.

paintings of jesus
The string we used to suspend the paintings was painted black.

paintings of carmelite monks uk
The spotlights some 25ft up were positioned to shine down onto the paintings.

richard bagguley exhibitions paintings
When the lighting was turned down behind the paintings they seemed to float as if suspended by divine intervention.

artist bagguley exhibitions church
The blues and orange were luminous in this setting.

paintings by richard bagguley for sale
We hung the painting Go.d beer at an angle to break up the regularity.

richard bagguley studio in the church
The photographer Andre Camara had worked with me to get shots of some of the most dramatic scenes for me to paint and was showing some of his work,I also used this area as a studio over the two weeks of the exhibition.

Richard Bagguley painting st. Luke in St.Lukes

St. Luke’s church has an interesting history Charles Dickens was married there in 1836, there is however has no art dedicated to the patron saint,in the two week period of the exhibition I became resident artist and painted a modern portrait, St.Luke was a physician scholar and was meant to have painted the first depiction of the virgin Mary.

richard bagguley and friends at the preview
Opening night,the music was Mozart’s requiem which had been recorded live at the church,the paintings looked stunning suspended in the magnificence of the church about 200 people passed through it was a great night.

“These works, striking and challenging, compel us to focus on that interface between faith and life by setting uncompromising visions before us. Richard Bagguley has the remarkable ability to speak with authority into this question of incarnation”
Revd Dr Brian Leathard