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Loosening up with a self portrait using a mirror - LA June 2014


‘Crucifixion Oxford Circus 1’ makes into the Chelsea Arts Club 2014- April (Easter week)

painting of jesus crucified by richard bagguley

Re- working “A divine Life”

artist richard bagguley painting

Portrait of Flor

portrait of flor oil on 22kt gold leaf by richard bagguley
Painted for Flor’s birthday oil over 22kt gold leaf 24x30 ins 2/3/13

Latest self portrait-

richard bagguley in the eye of a rhino
‘In the eye of the Rhino’

Xmas break in Los Angeles- Venice beach

bagguley los angeles

art venice beach photos bagguley

art phoios of richard bagguley

artist richard bagguley photos

characters of venice beach

van art venice beach

tie dye tea shirts venice beach

venice beach people

christian bagguley venice beach
(My son Christian Bagguley)

Recent magazine review -

richard bagguley blog news
richard bagguley artist blog news and reviews

see more-

Nearly finished St.Luke

modern portrait of st.Luke

July London,had a a few days to work on this painting but realised it needs more time to get it to the required standard,
the book and hands need to be worked on.

Fixing the canvas of trompe l’oeil “escaping mummy”
June 2011 Istanbul.

bagguley art


richard bagguley images istanbul


omer koc commissions

richard bagguley at work images

scroll down to see how it was painted!

An Exploration of the Relationship between the Anglican Church and
Contemporary Art

Interesting essay by Ruth Fairburn

27 blog
To read the whole article go to


François Ghebaly Gallery created an event. Robert Russell "Masters" in Los Angeles


Painting trompe l’oeil project in LA



surreal trompe l'oeil image

trompe l'oeil with rhino

mural artist press

bagguley artist press chatterbox

bagguley in artists illustrators magazine

photos of Richard Bagguley Artists and Illuststrators magazine

 bagguley Artists & Illuststrators magazine

Chiara Palazzo

Artist Richard Bagguley in action

images of Richard Bagguley 1

images of Richard Bagguley artist 1

Artist Richard Bagguley images painting

genuis richard bagguley

figurative art of Richard Bagguley2

Art of Richard Bagguley 1

SP Howarth Jesus the devil and the poet

The Fallen Angel lands in good hands...



Good friends Maureen Murray (
foxtrot films) and lovely husband Dirk celebrate the hanging.


photos of jens marott

photograph of richard bagguley

Art at the Church “A dialogue”

The hard work behind an exhibition.

Know-one really realises the work to get an exhibition off the ground, from looking for sponsorship, doing all the pr. press releases, website updates, advertising sourcing materials and finally hanging the work.
So far the listings are done the first batch of press release out and the second batch are being written by the very professional
Leigh Marshall.

Some of the listings:-

richard bagguley art slant

richard bagguley fine arts listings

exhibition of contempoary art br richard bagguley

west london review bagguley artist

Painting-World cup 2010-in Los Angeles

World cup painting LA Richard Bagguley

Two weeks of solid painting in my makeshift Los Angeles studio (after 3 weeks in end of reaching 109 F not looking looking forward to October in London)

Richard Baggey painting world cup 2010
The world cup 2010 - oil on canvas - 96x137cms - September 2010


portrait of jesus
Go.d beer

This painting was an afterthought.
I was playing around with my camera during half time of the English world cup shoot and Andre showed me how it was done,the result is G.od beer.
I entered the painting into the Saatchi monthly competition it came in the top 30 of 1,300 entries.

saatchi Richard Bagguley favourites

SP Howarth poet and performance artist as Jesus watching the world cup in a pub in Chelsea.
We wanted to get a shot of the reaction to an England goal but anyone who relies on that for their art or living is on tender hooks.
The photographs will be the basis for a future painting.

jesus watching world cup in chelsea
Photo by Andre Camara-


art photos Richard Bagguley 1

RB photos

Richard Bagguley artistic photos

installations Richard Bagguley


lima legs photo

beautiful blues

These photos were taken in a disused Hotel and an art collectors house in Lima.

When my good friend author Clifford Thurlow and I first played with the idea of doing a portrait in Cadaquez 2006 I took some photos thinking of a simple head and shoulders standard portrait,maybe spending 4 days on it.
Four years later it has just been reworked a second time, updated to reflect Clifford’s present sentiments.

portraits by Richard Bagguley CT
Clifford Thurlow a portrait by Richard Bagguley

Santiago Oribeiro started this amazing web site of surrealism and has his first online exhibition to coincide with the actual exhibition there are over a thousand artists included.

Richard Bagguley images exhibition surrealism

Then the comments...

comments on Richard Bagguleys painting

Started by Santiago Ribeiro this year an amazing on line exhibition containing a comprehensive collection of modern talented surrealistic artists.

surrealism exhibtition
Richard Bagguley exhibition of surrealism

To see all the artists visit


St.Lukes church in Chelsea London have asked to borrow “Crucifixion Oxford Circus1” to use in sermons over the Easter period, for me that is a pleasure, paintings only come alive when an audience breaths life into them.

crucifixion of christ st Lukes


Painting the “Crucifixion in Oxford Circus 2” in Los Angeles

Richard Bagguley artists pallet

valentines day LA
Valentines day-the beginning

Rich Bagguley studio LA

Murals LA

art of Richard Bagguley

paintings of Richard Bagguley

bagguley crucifixion

Jesus painting 2

painting of crucifixion of Jesus

Finished...5 weeks work-


Like a gigantic aromatic phoenix rising from the ashes. Jimmy, the most handsome Glaswegian in Scotland returns once again to prove that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Unless of course the sword is sticking in your back. Remember... In Glasgow they cannae hear you scream.

It came to my attention that one of my paintings was being used by some one on a blog site
I checked it out and it turned out that a Glaswegian writer/artist going by the apt name of Jimmy Bastard .
He had used my painting "man to meat" as the basis of a short story he had written.
This I found greatly uplifting as the same day I had heard that they had put our crucifixion at Oxford Circus on the front page of the Baptist Times, having just had the exhibition Heaven Hell I felt gloriously in tune with my universe.

man to meat Richard Bagguley
"man to meat"


Photos from photographer Jens Marott for an upcoming book on artists in action.

Richard Bagguley painting crucifixion

Richard Bagguley painting Jesus

Richard Bagguley painting the crucifixion

Bagguley painting canvas

Richard Bagguley painting


The exhibition Heaven and Hell is over it was a critical success with over 100 people attending the opening and a stream of artists all week visiting and commenting on the work all photos can be seen on exhibition Heaven and Hell page

The project I mentioned earlier happened Friday 24th in the morning we re-enacted the crucifixion at 9.00 am. outside Oxford Circus station.It was quite an event we had the Evening Standard there, and all the team worked beautifully. We have got some great pictures for me to use in a future painting and we have got some media coverage. For more information and photos go to the The crucifixion at Oxford Circus page.

Less than one week to the exhibition Heaven and Hell at the Maverik Showrooms, do not miss it.

Just had a look at Foxtrot Films web site Maureen Murray produced the documentary Heaven Hell and Bagguley, it is well worth checking out.

"From the hatred in the racist's eyes to the sacred bond of father and child, in the mystery of the inspired and divine, through the self same eyes we find Heaven or Hell..."
Richard Bagguley

All the preparation is completed for our big ambitious project with award winning photographer André Camara who spent many years with the Times,he was one of the inspirations to make this project happen. Although the details have been kept under wraps I can say that this involves a small team of friends and models and we are creating a live situation in a public place which will be photographed, filmed and will form the basis of a painting. The painting will be the main painting for the exhibition at the Maverik Showroom at the end of October.

I was so impressed with these large Graffiti murals in Brighton that I had to photograph them.

Wonderful mural graffitit

Graffiti murals in Brighton

Having started to use "social realism" to describe the type of paintings I have been doing, I deliberated as to how accurate that was, I decided it is the appropriate term. This is the official birth of "social realism", there is nothing new in making social commentary through art, Hogarth, Goya and a multitude of artists have been doing it for centuries. The coining of the expression in this case refers to the fact that the painting style is realism but with reference to social situations.

For those that like to follow these things I am showing the stages of the work in progress on my latest canvas.

Falling Angel by Richard Bagguley

falling angel painting

painting of falling angel in stages by richard bagguley

angel comes crashing to earth

the fallen angel in stages

stage three of fallen angel

stage two of painting of fallen angel

first stage of fallen angel painting

the virgin mary in la

I enter my paintings into the online Saatchi competition and they get good ratings, most get to the top 5% The northern line, Connect with Om and now The Virgin Mary in LA got into the top 10 out of the 2,360, ending in the top 35 favourites.

Below the top 35 favourites from the last round, the first two finalists are top left, the final winner will be shown in the new Saatchi gallery, (The Virgin in LA, 6th row down)

saatchi top fifty

painting of young and falling buddhist monks
I have just finished this painting and have not decided on a title, I really wanted an excuse to capture a look of innocence, trust and faith and wanted to add a twist. I have my own story in mind which links up with Connect with Om, to do with the failing of the nirvana pass rate in direct proportion to the materialistic temptations swaying the young monks...

I wanted to go in a slightly different direction with the spiritual angle lots of thoughts sprang to mind I wanted to do something to do with Buddha but he is so immovable and rocklike that it became obvious that I would have to use Buddhist monks as they were more transient, human and pliant.

buddhist monk on mobile phone painting
"Connect with OM"
This was a great painting, I could paint something lighter and airy and bring in a sense of humour but be suitably ambiguous to let people see what they want to see, that is so important with these open ended images.
This painting got a good reception on Saatchi web site competition which surprised me a as most of the popular paintings are more Stella Vine, Stuckist, non figurative but there are no rules today in contemporary art which makes it exciting and frustrating in equal measures.