Previous exhibition Heaven & Hell

Tuesday October 27th - Sunday November 1st 2009

Richard Bagguley at the Maverik Showroom

The Maverik Showroom 68-72 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP

Curated by
Angelo Carnielo
maverik showroom

 words and Racists

 amn to meat Ethel Dickerman to meat canvasEthel Dicker canvas

painting divided at birthdivided at birth canvasfather and son canvas
Heaven and Hell

Richard Bagguley The poet at the Maverik showroompoet canvasP1010036
Heaven and Hell

Downstairs Maverik Showroom
paintings of carmelite monks

exhibition Heaven and Hell
paintings of Buddhist monks

Unfinished crucifixion

the darker side of Richard Bagguley
the canvas infirno

May day white van driver

Fans on the rise by Richard Bagguley

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