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Painting of Jesus on the underground
"The Northern Line". Oil on canvas- 96 x 137 cms 2006

This painting is the first in a series which investigates society and its reactions to given situations and our observations and attitudes.
What inspired me to paint this painting was the habit particular to Londoners to immerse themselves into their newspapers no matter what is happening around them. I have actually witnessed fights on carriages where other travellers have buried themselves deeper into their reading matter rather than come to the aid of others.
This painting also investigates the concept of Christ and his place in the modern world,it really pleases me to paint something that can be interpreted by different people in completely different ways, this painting was used for a Good Friday sermon during Holy week by the rector at St. Luke's  Anglican church in Chelsea reaching an unexpected audience.
Originally the northern line station was Balham but I later changed it to Stockwell - the location of the killing of Charles de Menezes by the Metropolitan police in 2005 an event which upset me and I wanted to pay homage to him.
This painting was created by photographing a real carriage and the two figures on the outside are people in the carriage. By measuring the dimensions of the carriage I recreated it in the studio and used models as the central three figures. Christ is the poet and performance artist S.P Howarth who was working in a video store when I found him and we will be working together on an epic painting later this year taking a similar theme one step further.
Due to my background in mural painting, I like to paint on a large scale and am only limited by practicality like storage and transport.
All my canvas work is in oils and a canvas can take anything from a couple of weeks to several years to complete.

Richard Bagguley talking about his painting the Northern Line

painting of the virgin Mary by Richard Bagguley
"The virgin in LA". Oil on canvas- 96 x137 cms 2009

This painting is the second in a series which investigates society and its reactions to given situations and our observations and attitudes.
Having finished painting the "Northern Line" it was very well received by a cross section of people all of which had different observations,I found this tremendously rewarding and wanted to continue with a second painting in the same vein.
I wanted to use the virgin Mary as a feminine force and place her in a lighter but similarly unusual setting, I was spending more time in Los Angeles which has fantastic light so whilst visiting the hair salon with my partner (who is on the right busy texting her daughter) we came up with the idea.
During my recent exhibition I had a visit from the Parish vicar who had allot to say about these two paintings he saw them as telling several stories and loaded with symbolism.

Richard Bagguley painting The virgin in LA

buddhist monk with mobile phone
"Connect with OM" Oil on canvas 80x 112 cms 2009

This painting is a follow on from the previous series but instead of Jesus I wanted to use a different subject and setting and a lighter, more humorous subject matter.I have always been highly respectful of Buddhism but I still wanted to have a juxtapose that leaves the viewer intrigued.
I was looking through some photos of Ladahk and spotted a car with Nirvana written on the side. I had already decided on using a Buddhist monk with a mobile phone so I thought combining the two would be effective and decided to name it "Connect with Om" with reference to the bombardment of advertising to join mobile networks.
I wanted to catch the ethereal with a twist of humour. It was joyful to paint this scene and I have continued this theme with a second painting of a young Buddhist monk.
With art we can create anything and ideas and inspirations can take us anywhere.

Buddhist and hooligan
"Divided at birth" Oil on canvas 102 x54 cms 2009

The idea for this painting came to me whilst studying images of Buddhist monks and how similar the facial features were of one of the monks to my English hooligans. I put my thoughts into action, I reproduced the same person with different attire to get two very different people.
I love the thought that a split second in time could create a completely different destiny in a completely different part of the world for the same person, also the ying and yang the balance of the extremes and what does make us who we are.
The other point here is how we judge by appearances the same person in totally different clothes will get two very different reactions from those he encounters.
It is exciting that art can put us in this position of musing about these deeper questions, whilst being amused by them.

painting of a carmalite monk by Richard Bagguley
"Father Cyril" Oil on canvas 2006

I had always wanted to paint members of monastic orders, I wanted to investigate the mixture of piety and dedication, and whether one could show the sense of peace or any other underlying emotions.
Father Cyril was one of several Carmelite monks that I painted and I regard this painting as one of my finest technically.

Richard Bagguley talking about his paintings of Carmelite monks.