The crucifixion at Oxford Circus

photo crucifixion oxford circus
Photograph by André Camara 2009

This photograph is one of the shots that will be the basis of a large painting.
The idea conceived by award wining photographer
André Camara and Richard Bagguley to extend the theme involving religious juxtapositions.
Richard's aim was to get a realistic setting to gain real reactions from the public and André had the know how and experience to make it happen.

This photo shoot was pre-planned 3 months in advance .
The voluntary team included the poet/performance artist
SPHowarth who was Jesus in one of Richard's previous paintings "The northern line", the Roman solders were friend Tom Godber and writer Andrew Hobbs.

Thank you to Graham Forster the invaluable man in and behind the scenes who's assistance makes it all possible.

The photos went round the world to Russia, Japan , France, Ireland
(see press) the comments varied with many people missing the point that no reaction is a reaction, see below.

comments on the crucifixion

comments crucxficion

In Los Angeles painting the second painting of the crucifixion taken directly from these photographs.

painting of crucifixion 2 by richard bagguley
Crucifixion Oxford Circus 2 - oil on canvas 168x210 cms - Richard Bagguley 2010

Finished painting

St Luke's Church, Sydney Street,Chelsea, London SW3 6NH